House floors and foundations

Straight, level floors and solid foundations are an essential part of your new build, so you need to make sure it’s done right first time!

House floors and foundations

A good home is only as strong as the foundations, and that’s why you need a team that can get it right – first time! We can help from the ground up (and down!) – from a bare lot, we can excavated the foundation trenches, lay the concrete foundations and ensure you have level and water resistant floors.

We use the highest grade concrete for foundation and floor work (that’s why we’re called 30 MPA!) so that you can be confident in a job well done that will last for decades. We take all of the factors that can have an impact into account, such as whether there is a slope on the land and will it drain well in wet conditions.

Be careful of companies that will not take the time to assess your requirements as well as the land to be developed – house floors and foundations need to be done right and done to last, so get in touch with today to book your free on-site quote.

Lets talk about your house floor and foundation needs!