Concrete Driveways in Whangarei

Printed concrete, stamped concrete, curved or straight line – no matter what, we can help!

New or renovated concrete driveways

The driveway is often the first thing people see when entering your property, so making sure it is not only solid and durable but also good looking is an important part of your home.

We offer on-site free quotes so we can advise you of the best strength of concrete to use, as well as the options you have regarding concrete stamping and colouring.

concrete driveway preparation

Concrete driveway preparation

No matter how good a driveway looks, it’s only as good as the preparation work – that’s why we make sure that every job we do carefully considers the countour of your land, drainage options, using the right strength concrete and reinforcement and a range of other factors that means our concrete driveways really last and can still look good for many years.

A poorly prepared driveway might look good initially but won’t last. If it doesn’t drain correctly, moisture can degrade the concrete causing the driveway to slowly fall apart.

Concrete driveway resurfacing

Already have a concrete driveway that’s looking a little old and tired? Cracking at the edges? No problem – we can come and take a look and advise you of the options available. Sometimes we can resurface your concrete driveway, but sometimes it all needs to be removed so that we can make sure the preparation is done right.

Be wary of companies that will simply resurface a driveway that isn’t draining correctly as the job won’t last, but you also need to be careful of companies that will insist on a new concrete driveway when it could have been saved by some remedial work.

Lets talk about your concrete driveway needs!